Food & Clothing Relief

Relieving immediate hunger is fundamental to taking the next step toward emotional and spiritual healing; earning an income; making a home; and developing healthy relationships. With dignity and respect, our caring volunteers prepare and deliver wholesome meals, clothing essentials, and hygiene products to our homeless brothers and sisters.

Job Training & Placement

We want to provide the assistance to homeless persons to transform their lives, to help them to obtain the income and locate housing so that they may function as self-sufficient, independent citizens of the community. We want to ultimately eliminate homelessness in Las Vegas by leading homeless individuals to employment and housing so that they will achieve productive lives. We want to prevent homelessness by reaching out to low income families to provide them with the assistance so that they can maintain their homes. The Vocational Training Program provides employment skills training including work readiness, life skills, remediation, on-the-job training, and case management to identify needs and provide supportive services, job search and job placement.

HIV Awareness & Prevention

This Program provides accurate information about sexually transmitted diseases specifically HIV, and how to prevent them. It also emphasizes the importance of HIV testing and encourages all adults to get tested for HIV. Resources are available in Spanish and English.

Heaven Sent  Retail Training Thrift Store is one of our many upcoming programs that will offer job training. This program includes all Thrift Store related activities, consitent with planning, sales, maintenance and purchasing for the successful operation of a retail store.

We offer birth certificate and I.D. retrieval vouchers to homeless and low income individuals. Referrals from other agencies welcomed. In most instances; mobile delivery is available.


Just Faith Ministries Blanket Drive

Nevada I.D. and birth cerificate retrieval after verification.

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